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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Marlins English Language Test for Cruise Ship Staff

What is the Marlins English Language Test for Cruise Ship Staff?
Cruise Ship TestThe Marlins English Language Test for Cruise Ship Staff is a new test containing a randomised database of questions tailored specifically for the Cruise Industry. Using contemporary English testing methodology, it enables employers to assess understanding of English quickly and accurately.
The test is applicable to all marine hotel positions on board cruise ships and can be taken by any nationality in any location worldwide. Test questions have particular emphasis on staff / guest interactions and customer service within a multi-cultural environment.
Cruise Ship StaffWhat are the main features of the Marlins English Language Test for Cruise Ship Staff?
Test users get the chance to practise each question type before the start of the test and help information is available in 11 languages. A certificate of the user's result can be printed out at the end of the test.
The online test also allows larger companies with several test sites to manage the purchase and distribution of tests through one central account. A powerful new reporting feature allows reports to be compiled on purchase history, test balance, test results and enables searches for individual test results.
Price and availability
The test costs just 14 USD per test and can be purchased directly from the Marlins Test Centre. There is no minimum order and discounts are available for buying in bulk. These will be kept in credit in your online account for use at any time.
The test can be accessed at our test centre www.marlinstests.co.uk.